Private Treatments Charges

As a mixed dental practice that is predominantly NHS, only a small number of our appointments are dedicated private slots. As a registered patient, you can get access to both NHS and private options during your appointment. Your dentist will offer all options available to you and will assist in choosing the best option that matches your expectations and your budget.
The pricing of private treatments is based on the experience of the dentist in the designated area, the types of dental materials used, and the time required to complete the treatments. Because we believe in patient-centred care, we have taken a solution-based approach to treating our patients' unique needs by working outside the bounds of the NHS dental contract. With us, you will receive comprehensive dental care where you can reap the benefits of both NHS and private dentistry under one roof.

Did you know that cosmetic dental treatments such as tooth whitening, tooth-coloured fillings on molars, and tooth-coloured crowns on molars are not covered by the NHS and must be paid for privately?

The table below shows examples of costs for several types of private treatments where we use most up-to-date techniques and high quality materials to transform your smile.

Last updated on Dec, 2023.


Exam £49
X-rays £9.50
Scale and Polish 20 £41.50
Scale and Polish 30 £52.50
Hygiene Visit £69
Periodontal gum treatment £51.50
Stain Removal (Air Flow) £69.50


Small White Filling (Single Surface) £78.50
Medium White Filling (2 Surfaces) £98.50
Large White Filling (3 Surfaces) £108.50
All Surfaces White Filling £158
Glass Ionomer Filling (Small) £35
Glass Ionomer Medium Filling (2 Surfaces) £45
Glass Ionomer Large Filling (3 Surfaces) £55
Dental Pin £10

Incisor / Canine £337.50
Premolar £416.50
Molar £522
Apicectomy £500

NPM Bonded £495
Emax £595
Zirconia £595
Post £76
Diastema Closure £220
Recement Inlay £40
Recement Crown £40
Bridge £485
Maryland £525
In-house Composite Veneer £220
Porcelain Veneer £478

Simple extraction £70
Soft Tissue £300
Bone Removal £300
Buried 3rd Molar £300

Private Partial 1-3 Teeth £448
Private Partial 4+ Teeth £495
Private Full Upper Acrylic £515
Private Full Lower Acrylic £515
Private Full Upper & Full Lower Acylic £995
Independent Partial 1-3 Teeth £395
Independent Partial 4-8 Teeth £430
Independent Full Upper £475
Independent Full Lower £475
Independent F/- &-/F £898
CC Full Upper £995
CC Full Lower £995
CC Upper & Lower £1990
Flexi up to 4 Teeth £698
Flexi 4+ Teeth £698
Night Guard £100
Mouth Guard (Sport) £120
Michigan Splint £120
Essix Retainer £130

Invisalign clear aligners – Single arch £2350
Invisalign clear aligners – Dual arch £3499
C-Fast clear braces – Single arch £2150
C-Fast clear braces – Dual arch £3100

Whitewash Professional Whitening Kit £395
Enlighten Premium Whitening System £575

The prices for private dental treatments may change without prior notice. The prices listed on our website are only estimates to help patients understand the approximate costs of treatment. After a dental examination or consultation, your dentist will provide you with a detailed treatment plan and the final cost. Please note that the information on our website does not obligate our practice or any dentist to provide treatment at the prices mentioned.

We offer flexible payment plans from 0%APR for treatments over £1000. Ideal for orthodontics and implants treatments. Click here to calculate your rate.