Root Canal Tooth Restorations

Everything you wanted to know about root canal treatment

Everything you wanted to know about root canal treatment

Where is the root canal of the tooth?

A tooth consists of enamel, which is the hard outer coating of the tooth, the first protective layer. Then comes the dentine, which is a softer material that makes up most of the tooth and also supports the enamel. The root of the tooth is coated by the cementum, which is a hard material protecting the root. In the centre of the tooth, there is the dental pulp, which is a soft tissue. The root canal system of the tooth is located the end of the root and the crown of the tooth, including the dental pulp. Some teeth can have more root canal systems.

What is root canal infection?

If this root canal system is infected this will eventually lead to the cessation of the pulp. The bacteria then will spread and multiply. This can lead to pain and swelling at the root of the tooth and spreading of the bacteria to other parts of the body.

How can the infection be treated?

During the root treatment essentially the bacteria is being removed by the removal of the pulp, then the root canal system is being cleaned, and the tooth is then sealed to prevent bacteria entering the root canal system again. Usually, the swelling or pain will pass naturally as the bacteria has been removed.
Our Huntly dentist provide pain-free root canal treatment thanks to improvements in dentistry during the past years and to local anaesthesia.
In most cases root canal treatment is successful and the tooth is restored and survives up to 10 years after the treatment. It is essential to take good care of your treated tooth and to avoid biting on hard foods after the treatment. As always, good oral hygiene, avoiding sugary foods and smoking, helps to prevent further treatment.

Is root treatment available on NHS & how much does it cost?

This dental treatment is part of general dentistry and is available under the NHS. Your dentist will use local anaesthetic to remove the infected pulp, clean the root canals and fill them to prevent further infection. It is normal to experience some tenderness once the local anaesthetic has worn off but this will subside. The cost of root canal treatment on a posterior tooth ranges between £94.96 to £153.48. Your dentist will provide you with a written estimate before the treatment, so there will be no surprises. The treatment procedure and the care necessary after the treatment will be explained to you at Huntly Dental Practice.


The Childsmile nurse was so good with my son today. She interacted with him really well and had lots of patience, this is the first time he has allowed anyone to check his teeth and apply the fluoride varnish. Thanks so much!

Recently went for an emergency check-up at Huntly Dental Practice. If I’m honest I hate going to any dentist, but my dentist Amna Qureshi and her assistant couldn’t have made me feel more at ease. I couldn’t recommend the practice more, I had a full clean and my tooth fixed in 40 minutes! I will be using them for many years to come.
Thanks all!
I was absolutely petrified this morning about my wisdom tooth extraction. Mrs Saranya Rajkumar made me giggle and relaxed me completely. Every step was explained and I was asked if I was OK every few seconds. Mrs Saranya Rajkumar is the best dentist I’ve ever seen – such a lovely young lady and very professional but also sympathetic.
Thank you so much for not making me feel silly. Think I’ll actually enjoy dental visits from now on.

I have had a few visits here this year. Unfortunately I had to have a couple ofextractions and obviously was dreading the process. My dentist was Sarah Azeem and she was brilliant. She was thoroughly professional and very sympathetic to my fears. The extractions did not hurt at all and they healed very quickly. Sarah and all the staff were very kind, caring and supportive. I have no hesitation in recommending HDP, especially if you are scared of the dentist. My neighbour also dreads going to the dentist but she is very happy to attend here

Steve M
Great practice, everybody friendly, the dentists are good at telling you everything they are doing if you are a nervous person.
Received excellent treatment at short notice from Amna. Several appointments were made to carry out root canal work. Done pain free by Amna who took great care to ensure the treatment was effective . Would love to get Amna any time. Excellent practice would recommend to anyone.
This is an excellent surgery in the whole of Aberdeenshire in my opinion.They have high standards, their diagnosis is very good and so is their service. I have been particularly pleased with Dr. Saranya. She is very good at her job.